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March is drawing to a close as we begin the rapid descent towards the Term 1 school holidays. Everything is getting busier!

A few administrative bits and pieces. Firstly, we have a phone number! It is 1300 99 39 39. Secondly, Ian will be in the US between the 2nd and the 10th of April attending NAB in Vegas. During that time orders will be processed as usual, allowing for the fact that it is the school holidays which is our busiest time of year.

You may have noticed that the Egyptian Kits are now available again. I finally got round to loading up the new photos. All of the modular kits now have new photos. We will be working on the Egyptian free-standing kits next. I think that just leaves loading up the latest moulds and the latest mould casts - maybe nine new products - and the current refresh of the website will be complete.

The first of the Griffin Grove Gaming Painting Guides will be up by the start of April. It will cover the Darkened Egyptian Tomb theme which you see on many of our Egyptian kits photographs. I just need to do some additional photographs befotre I load up the article.

I've tucked the most exciting piece of news at the very end. On our To Do list below is an item regarding our own range of laster textures. On the books at the moment are eleven distinct textures. To test the process we're using our Quaried Stone texture. Ben, our tame ZBrush guru, has produced the digital sculpts. Our friend Sarah and her trusty colleagues at Quickparts have delivered the 3d printed prototypes from the STL files Ben created. I've prepared a mould using the prototypes as masters. Tonight I'm cleaning the mould. Tomorrow we'll cast the mould a few times, make a basic wall from the casts, and paint it up. Based on the results of the painted casts we'll provide feedback to the ZBrush guru. If necessary he will modify the digital sculpts and we will have the prototypes reprinted. The prototypes look clean so I doubt we'll need to do another round of prototyping.

Which means we've established the end-to-end process for creating our own texture ranges. And that my friends is very exciting!

- Patricia P.

To Do

The Aeternitas RPG

Our very own role-playing game will be released sometime in 2014. Aeternitas is based on the mechanics found in the Blade of the Iron Throne RPG from Iron Throne Publishing. Aeternitas differs from Blade in that it is set in the real world (the city of Lyon in France, 1350), it has a tactical 3d combat environment rather than an abstract combat environment, and while there is no magic there are strong supernatural themes.

New Plaster Textures

For a long time now we've been looking at augmenting the range of textures available for our plaster products. As a Hirst Arts licensee we are able to sell their casts, which gives us access to their Egyptian, Fieldstone, Gothic, Roman, and Sci-Fi textures. We have a number of textures that we want to bring to market -- Alien Organic, Arabic, Brick, Japanese, and so on. We now have a number of Digital Sculptors working in Zbrush to build the models from our concept art. From there, 3d print to create the masters. Then the final step is to pour the moulds.

Isometric Maps

We are in the midst of creating a symbol set for Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) that is based upon the plaster textures that we use in our tabletop terrain. To date nearly 400 photographs have been converted into colour illustrations, with another hundred or so waiting to be drawn. When this first wave of photographs have been converted we will release the product as a subscription service.

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